Sunday, May 25, 2008

Screaming Eagles

Happy birthday blog and whatnot. 4 years now since this all started, and this is my 101st post. Been a while since the last one but I guess work and life caught up with me and the interest in blogging had started to wane a bit.

Blogging.. so two years ago? I don't know, it's difficult to sustain a reasonable audience if you don't give them frequent reading material. And then you're back to square one, typing up stuff to post it where no one would read it. I'm sure there's a few of you still out there who log on here every once in a while. I just hope my recent hiatus hasn't scared the rest of you off.

Was going to rant on about a few things. Mainly about disrespect to red traffic lights as well as assorted misgivings about the current shape of Bahraini society. I'm stuck at work, however, and methinks that some sleep now in anticipation of a possibly busy night would aid me greatly in surviving the work week ahead.

Oh well, here's to passing the 100 mark. Will try to keep it up for as long as I can, I suppose.


At 10:47 AM , Blogger Seroo said...

Happy Birthday Random Blog, a birthday that is more significant than you think...
Four years go it was Euro 2004, your fangs and cheese burgers... four years on and I still love your funny ways :)
Happy Birthday to the Blog, Happy four years on for us xx

At 12:29 PM , Blogger Wardat_il'7leej said...

Happy Bday 2 the Random Blog, we still do passby once in a while so keep posting


At 8:05 AM , Blogger Notes from behind the bike shed said...

My oh my, look how you've grown!!

And, its Euro 2008 which must be somehow significant...

Anyway, in honour of this auspicious occasion, I leave you with these choice terms and acronyms that I hope will come in useful. In fact, I think you should let us know whenever you actually use on of them:


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