Sunday, December 18, 2005

No Place Like Home

My apologies for not posting anything up for a while. My last two weeks of term were spent in Drogheda, a hole in the ground masquerading around as a town. That place is really starting to become the bane of my very existence.

I did my two weeks of peripheral paediatrics there.. its coming along nicely, starting to understand what the whole deal is when it comes to treating children. Just got back to Bahrain last night for my winter break, and boy does it feel good to be back. This has been the longest period I've been away (5 months!), and I got an odd feeling in my chest as the plane was approaching the runway and I could see the construction of the Bahrain Financial Harbor towers from way up high. Definitely a patriotic moment, that.

Spending the next two and half weeks here.. the Dublin-Bahrain direct flight was fantastic! It made the whole travelling process much less strenuous and we even got here in 6 hours thanks to some amazingly strong winter tailwinds. It'll be nice seeing the family and everyone again, just resting up before I go back in January and start going apeshit studying for my finals in May. Its strange, everytime I come back home it feels like a lifetime had passed and that I've changed so much as a person since the last time I was here.

Apparently Gulf Air show thank you notices on screen for passengers during landing these days. Seeing that I've never seen these before, just as soon as we landed the screens started flashing "Shukran" and "Thank You" and I started clapping like a moron. It was a few seconds later that I noticed that no one was joining in. Apparently the pilot hadn't put those up himself as a request for recognition of the good job he'd done over the last six hours. That's what the person next to me told me when I asked, anyway.

Smart ass.