Friday, August 25, 2006


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Easy Days

The boss is away on holiday so we got no new patients coming in, no proper theatre lists and no clinics. The number of patients on the wards is dwindling to almost none which makes for a lot of slow days.. like today, for example. This is how I actually got some time to type up a new post while at work. I'm getting paid to do this, which rocks.

My dashboard is starting to rattle. Dublin roads aren't exactly the smoothest but the console in front of my steering wheel is emitting a faint buzz. Its quite annoying, but its nothing I'm in a rush to sort out. It just interferes with my listening to the new Chilli Peppers album (impressive!) and my morning groove on the way to work. I don't drink coffee, never have, and I'm not much of a caffeine person.. so I get my morning buzzes in different ways, like listening to music. Need to buy milk, though.. had to have a stale cookie for breakfast which wasn't too stimulating. Need my crunchy nut burst at 6am or else I find myself spacing out too much at work.

Blew 3/4 of my paycheck in the span of a week. It felt fucking awesome. I'm entitled to that one month of madness but I'll have to start saving up from now on. Maybe I'll use the money to construct a giant metallic squid. It'll have a cockpit where I can sit and navigate and it will definitely be amphibious. If I wanted a vessel that was strictly aqua-bound then I would've bought a nuclear submarine. No, my squid will drive smoother than your average sedan and will even have the ability to leapfrog traffic. Hell, it can even fly.. why not? Reminds me of that cartoon back in the day, the one with the three guys, one who's water-based, one who can fly (I think his name was Ace.. his uniform was blue), and one who does crazy stuff on land (his uniform was green). I forgot the name of the cartoon, but I'm sure it'll come to me at some random moment.. assistance, anyone?

If I don't get the squid then I might choose to invest my money in a more level-headed fashion. I probably will.. which doesn't mean I'll never get my super metallic squid.. it just means that it'll have to wait.

My new laptop randomly picked up my new xbox 360 on the house's wireless network the other day. They sat down, had a brief chat and now I can watch all of my movies, listen to all of my music and look at all of my pictures on my xbox. I find that quite cool, if I might say so. It was a bank holiday monday so I spent the afternoon playing a downloaded version of Uno on the xbox online against strangers.