Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sparkle and Shine

Gems from one of the cleaning staff at the Ireland outbound section of Heathrow Terminal 1 at around 10pm:

Man (Indian origin, 65 years old): ...its good here, quiet today.
Woman (African origin, 40 years old): Yes, sometimes it can get very busy.
Man: But I like it. Everyday I find 50p or 1 pound while cleaning. People always drop change.
Woman: What do you do with it?
Man: I buy my drink. You know, Red Bull. Something to keep me awake.

*Walking Away*

*Coming Back*

Man: Every day I clean up at least 5 full cups of coffee.
Woman: So?
Man: This place here that sells the coffee.. if its so bad, why are they allowed to keep on selling it? No one finishes their coffee.
Woman: *laughing*