Friday, August 24, 2007


Is anybody else concerned about the precarious position that Lindsay Lohan is finding herself in these days? If it were someone I knew I would be sounding the alarm and calling for an intervention as soon as possible. It seems that the downwards spiral in which she is trapped in is gathering alarming momentum. For someone who has recently hit rock bottom she seems to be going to great lengths to prove that there is yet another level below.

I recently watched "The Parent Trap" on television in England, and the fresh-faced kid with the charming smile back then has taken a terribly incorrect turn on the path of her relatively short life. To have fallen so far in such a short period of time is quite sad, I must say. Lindsay, although I'm not really a fan and I follow your news sporadically, as a fellow human being I must say that I'm very worried at what might come next. Trust me, its much more satisfying to fade away after a long and fruitful life than to burn out before you hit 25. Get your shit together before its too late.